3,February 2023


On February 2, 2023, AA Corporation’s Board of Directors had launched “AA Tay Ninh Kitchen” – a modern canteen system, AA Corporation believes that it will optimize nutritional value, ensure the richness, variety in each meal, creating a cool atmosphere for employees every time they eat, thereby recreating health and improving labor efficiency.

For taking care of the health of employees through constantly improving the quality of meals at the factory, towards TASTY – SANITARY – NUTRITIONAL. Despite facing many difficulties and challenges left by the Covid-19 epidemic, in the context of the declining economy, AA Corporation still decide to build AA Tay Ninh Kitchen with the expectation that employees will have access to meals. nutrition, quality, and safety with a clean and modern built space. AA Tay Ninh Kitchen will definitely spread a positive and youthful energy to the staff at every daily meal.

AA Corporation’s BOD hopes that employees will welcome and accompany the company to build beauty in corporate culture and contribute to building an increasingly prosperous business.

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