14,February 2011


AA Corporation is proud to announce that we have just signed an exclusive distribution contract with Teknion, one of world’s top system furniture brands. Teknion is a Canadian based designer, manufacturer and marketer of mid- to high-end office systems and related furniture products. Teknion creates furniture that connects people, technology and spaces. Integrated design with unlimited possibilities for the future of business. Teknion clients are primarily large and mid-size national and multi-national corporations and government institutions operating in a wide range of industries and geographical markets. As a leading international brand, Teknion continues to earn many prestigious awards, the majority related to new product design and innovation. The company’s products are now sold in over 50 countries through a network of more than 385 authorized dealers. Introducing Teknion products, AA Corporation intends to provide Teknion products that meet the needs of modern buildings and offices throughout Vietnam as the world’s economies and cultures evolve.

For more information about Teknion, please visit our website: www.teknion.com 

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