15,May 2012


Surpassing many famous real estate projects in Vietnam and Asia, Ecopark won the prestigious award for Best Mixed Used Development Real Estate project at the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2012.

Ecopark is the largest urban township development in the north of Vietnam. With the ecological ideal at its core, Ecopark preserves unique Vietnamese values, both environmentally and culturally. Ecopark township is aimed to present the perfect harmony of humans and nature, a delicate balance between facilitating urban development and creating a natural environment.

AA Corporation is a founding shareholder in EcoPark and has made significant contributions by direct involvement in the strategic direction and design of the project. Nha Xinh, one of our retail brands, has actively cooperated with Vinhajicoin doing interior design and supplying furniture for mock-up units at Ecopark, including detached and semi-detached villas, Pho Truc, Rung Co, and 1B02 & 1B03.

Understanding the core of the project, AA also gave our full effort when we were asked to design a commercial center that is based on our deep knowledge of the Vietnamese culture and our 20 years of experience; the product was Pho Truc housing estate at EcoPark. We connect the value of nature, Vietnamese life and culture in each modern house. Our professional designers have focused on each open landscape around the houses. Specifically, we provide innovative solutions around lighting, aesthetics, interior and performance in each frontage while ensuring the original concept from the investor, that contributes to customer the best location for both business activities and family life.

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