Timber & Veneer

AA Corporation specializes in manufacturing exquisite solid wood furniture. We source fine woods domestically and abroad, including mahogany, acacia, oak, walnut, cherry, maple, ash and other timbers with a strong commitment to sustainable timber industry.


From kiln drying to sawing, cutting, carving, drilling to assemling, sanding and finishing, our factory is a one-stop-shop for all woodworking process in order to optimize quality control of each product from start to finish.

Production High-light


Production High-light

Kiln Drying
Panel Saw & CNC
Edge Banding & Veneer

AA Corporation factory is equipped with 12 timber kiln-drying units, which are used to extract moisture from wood prior to the manufacturing process. Depending on the final destination of the products, our factory will custom dry the timber accordingly.

All timbers and panels are cut, drilled, and engraved on our state-of-the-art panel saw and CNC machines. AA Corporation uses European machines to ensure precision during the manufacturing process.

Veneers are selected carefully, matched and glued to create elegant surfaces for high-end furniture. AA factory applies solid wood lipping to all veneered panels in order to provide durability for the life of the product.

AA Corporation uses automated finishing booth for all flat panels with two robotic arms that ensure all products receive a consistent layer and avoid overspraying. Conveyor finishing lines are used to control drying time, quality when produced in large batches.


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