Artisan Crafts

Some furniture details required to be hand-crafted by our skilled artists. AA Factory can execute various artisan techniques such as marquetry, weaving and painting.

Revitalizing Handicrafts

AA factory employees incredibly talented artists and workers, pioneering techniques to harmonize modern technology and traditional handicrafts.

Production High-light


Production High-light


From simple patterns to majestic designs, our marquetry team is trained in selection, matching and joining of decorative veneers for furniture making.

Woven furniture are usually used outdoor for swimming pool areas, gardens, beach hotels and resorts. Our team of skilled workers can execute a variety of designs, materials into beautiful furniture that stands the test of time.

AA Corporation offers the finest hand-painted custom furniture in various styles, whether it is a traditional Vietnamese motif or Neo-classical details, our artists are capable of expressing the designer’s ideas intricately onto various pieces of furniture.


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