10,July 2024


On the morning of July 9, 2024, the AA Tay Ninh factory’s Conference Room 5A hosted a ceremony to honor recipients of the “Chien binh AA Vuot nui” title for June – Ba Den Mountain.

The ceremony welcomed AA Corporation’s leaders, factory directors, and most importantly, the 20 awardees who received certificates of merit, badges, and gifts valued at 1 million VND each. In addition, the program also presented awards to individuals and collectives who achieved the “Creativity Award” to recognize their inventions and innovative improvements in production activities.

“Chien binh AA Vuot nui” goes beyond a monthly program; it serves as a form to recognize and celebrate outstanding individuals who demonstrate exceptional work ethic, dedication, and creativity in contributing to the company’s production efforts.

Hopefully, the AA Corporation’s leadership’s caring and appreciation for the contributions of its employees will be a great source of motivation for each individual to continue to strive and contribute to the company’s common development.