26,June 2024


On the afternoons of June 24th and 25th, the inaugural English class was enthusiastically received by the workers at AA Tay Ninh factory.

This program is part of a special welfare series that AA Corporation has dedicated to its workers for the year 2024. The leadership not only focuses on the physical and mental well-being of its employees but also creates opportunities for skill development, knowledge enhancement, and personal value elevation for all staff. Particularly, it addresses the often-overlooked welfare of the labor force.

By prioritizing and valuing the benefits of its workers, AA Corporation understands that the collective achievements depend heavily on the care and attention given to its workforce.

AA Corporation hopes that the workers at the AA Tay Ninh factory will have engaging learning experiences and achieve valuable accomplishments. Let us build a strong foundation of skilled artisans for AA Corporation to advance further into the international market, pioneering the transformation of Vietnam into the world’s furniture manufacturing hub!

AA Corporation – Unity – Development – Reaching New Horizons!