14,March 2024


The largest international wood and furniture fair in Vietnam, Hawa Expo 2024, opened on March 6 and lasted until March 9, setting new standards for international trade fairs and contributing substantial commercial and branding value to the entire industry. For the first time, AA Corporation participated in the exhibition at two locations with three entirely distinct booths.

AA Pavilion at SECC – Hawa Expo 2024

Hawa Expo 2024 brings together over 500 exhibitors, with more than 80% being domestic manufacturing enterprises. The remaining 20% comprises prominent wood and handicraft manufacturing businesses from the ASEAN region, as well as design firms, material suppliers, accessories providers, and ancillary service providers, both domestic and international. These entities serve as crucial links in establishing a sustainable supply chain for the industry, catering to the needs of buyers.

An exhibition space at the AA booth.

As a pioneering enterprise in the design, manufacturing, and fit-out of interior furniture in Vietnam, AA Corporation makes a notable appearance at Hawa Expo this year with three entirely different presentations. At SECC, AA Corporation showcases meticulously crafted handmade furniture products, demonstrating the finishing abilities of its experienced team of artisans. Additionally, visitors also witness the design, construction, and project completion capabilities of the AA team. The standout AA booth has attracted much curiosity and interest from both international and Vietnamese partners.

An exhibition space at the AA booth.

At White Palace, AA Corporation unveils two new brands: Jadora – an ODM furniture brand, and Abella – a comprehensive solution for 3 to 4-star hotels. Harmonizing trend elements with Vietnamese cultural features in their furniture products, Jadora presents a diverse collection of styles at the exhibition, attracting a large number of international visitors to explore and experience the products. While oriented towards exports, unlike the majority of Vietnamese furniture enterprises that mainly focus on OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) production, Jadora adopts the ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) business model. This approach not only requires ensuring manufacturing quality but also proactively investing in creativity, including design and brand-building. However, it provides full autonomy in business operations, eliminating dependence on orders.

Jadora Pavilion

Investors always want to know the cost, time, and quality of a product upfront before signing any contracts. That’s why Abella offers customers a comprehensive hotel solution. At Hawa Expo 2024, Abella showcased two room models out of a total of 40 hotel room and studio apartment designs of various sizes and layouts developed by the brand for customers to choose from. This allows customers to customize according to their preferences in terms of size and project design to achieve their ideal space.

One of Abella’s showcased model rooms at the exhibition.

Drawing on the strengths and experiences of AA Corporation, Abella focuses on emerging mid-range tourism markets such as India, Cambodia, Mozambique, and East Africa. For the domestic market, provinces like Lao Cai and Ha Giang represent potential customer segments. These regions lack conditions for raw material production and have limited construction capabilities, necessitating comprehensive interior construction solutions.

By leveraging VR technology, investors can view their hotel room designs on the spot.