24,February 2024


Congratulations to the Lùng Vài School project once again for receiving the 2024 Archdaily Award for School Design Category!

This award is dedicated to the unique design concept by architect Hoàng Thúc Hào and furthermore to the team at AA Corporation – the silent heroes who have turned sketches on paper into reality.

In the words of Mr. Nguyễn Chánh Phương – Project Manager: “When receiving this project from the Chairman of AA Corporation, the main sponsor of Lùng Vài – Mr. Nguyễn Quốc Khanh had only one request, which was to spread the value of the project to the community, inspire other projects to venture into remote and underprivileged areas, invest thoroughly in border highlands. Architect Hoàng Thúc Hào, with unwavering faith, dared to assert that 1+1>2 promised to bring the project with 3 modest classrooms and a boarding room for the teacher that could compete in international competitions. After over 2 years of dedication, built right in the midst of the Covid 2020-2021 pandemic, the stone flowers on the Lùng Vài, Minh Tân, Vị Xuyên mountains have been completed. Perhaps it’s because of the beauty of the school, the soil materials presented by the Mông people of Hà Giang, the resilience of the project team during the Covid season, the local people who donated land to expand the road up the mountain, and even the votes from architecture enthusiasts through Archdaily, that Lùng Vài School won the Education Architect, Building of the Year award by Archdaily.”

And now, after 2 years of completion and officially opening its doors to welcome preschool and elementary students from Lùng Vài Village, Minh Tân Commune, Vị Xuyên District, AA Company continues to sponsor infrastructure facilities, as well as electricity, and roads to help these children not only have a school to study in but also have safe passage, light through stormy days.

AA’s journey of community dedication has never been just a short-term goal, but it will be a 10-year, 20-year, or even longer journey. From just a small school, it will be the cradle to nurture the proud future generations of Vietnam. It is an inspiration for other companies to turn their attention to difficult areas!