29,January 2024


In a remarkable achievement, Hanoi’s iconic Ho Guom Theater, interior fitted-out and furniture supplied by AA Corporation has secured its position among the ‘Top 10 Best Opera Houses in the World,’ as voted by the renowned travel organization World Travel Awards (WTA) on their 10best website. The results were determined through the evaluations of travel experts associated with the organization.

Notably, Vietnam’s Ho Guom Theater is the sole representative from the country to be featured in the esteemed list of the world’s top 10 opera houses. This recognition places the Vietnamese masterpiece on par with internationally iconic structures such as the Sydney Opera House in Sydney (Australia) and the Wiener Staatsoper in Vienna (Austria).

The Ho Guom Theater is Designed in Ancient European Architectural Style

The criteria for the rankings were based on design and the artistic experience provided to the audience. This acknowledgment further solidifies the stature of Vietnam’s theater scene, especially in Hanoi.

Constructed with investments from the Ministry of Public Security and the People’s Committee of Hanoi, the Ho Guom Theater was inaugurated in July 2023, located on Hang Bai Street in Hoan Kiem District.

Spanning over 5,000 square meters, the facility is divided into six areas, including large and small reception halls, a central traffic hub for easy movement, a main hall with a seating capacity of 900, a smaller hall accommodating 500, backstage areas for performers, rehearsal rooms, prop storage, office space, underground parking for both guests and staff and a multi-functional space with restrooms and a garden on the sixth floor.

Versatile Auditorium System

A highlight of the project is its ancient European architecture featuring 52 stone columns, each towering 18 meters high and imported from Spain. The interior details showcase intricate elements such as the ceiling adorned with patterns inspired by Dong Son bronze drums, depictions of cranes, and traditional musical instruments with images of golden turtles handing over swords.

The Ho Guom Theater is poised to be the first venue in Vietnam equipped with international-standard theater machinery and equipment. Its lighting system caters to diverse artistic forms, including stage-focused lights, actor-following lights, and lights creating artistic scenes.

With substantial investments in modern equipment, the Ho Guom Theater is capable of meeting performance requirements for various artistic genres, from Western symphonies with traditional Vietnamese stages to ballet and musical theater.

Since its opening, the venue has been recognized as a new cultural icon for Hanoi. Situated at the intersection of four central streets in the capital, just a few minutes walk from Hoan Kiem Lake, the theater is expected to be a major tourist attraction, contributing to the promotion of cultural tourism and the socio-economic development of Hanoi.

Other distinguished names in this ranking include the Sydney Opera House in Sydney (Australia), Wiener Staatsoper in Vienna (Austria), Metropolitan Opera in New York (USA), Opéra de Paris in Paris (France), Teatro Alla Scala in Milan (Italy), The Bolshoi Theater in Moscow (Russia), Royal Opera House in London (UK), Teatro di San Carlo in Naples (Italy), and Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

The 10best website is a reputable media channel created by WTA and serves as a go-to resource for global travelers seeking recommendations from highly-regarded industry experts.