22,December 2022


South Phu Quoc is famous on the tourist map for the wonderful scenery of the sea, the sky, the unique architectural works, the luxury hotels and resorts, and the variety of culinary options for visitors.

Last December, 2022, Runam Cafe has just opened its first restaurant on South Phu Quoc island, promising to be a destination that brings more diversity to high-class cuisine with excellent views.
Runam is a brand with endless inspiration from the Ru words of the South, bringing with it the Vietnamese people’s deep romance and traditional spirit. Unlike the architecture in Saigon and Hanoi, South Phu Quoc encounters the interference between traditional elements imbued with Vietnamese identity and Mediterranean architectural style on the pearl island of Phu Quoc. Beautiful country.

AA Corporation is a unit of design, production, and installation of removable furniture, and wall-mounted furniture for RuNam Cafe Phu Quoc.