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1,November 2021


VTV1 has made an impressive 4 episode documentary about Covid-19 pandemic in Ho Chi Minh city, with the last episode title “Business bounce back stronger than ever” focusing on the economic recovery strategies of businesses in the largest city in Vietnam.

After the four-month lockdown, the city is quickly getting back to new normalcy, the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Council made plans to revive the city’s economic growth, this would become one of their biggest targets right now, the other big focus is to continue fighting the coronavirus in its new stage. The city has taken a variety of measures to help businesses get back to production, regain their activities and come back stronger. 

AA Corporation is one of the few who were able to keep production going during the lockdown by implementing 3-on-site across all three factories. Fortunately, AA’s factory has newly-built buildings for manufacturing, which were converted to sleeping areas for workers with enough spacing for privacy and social distancing. On the other hand, the factory provided 3 meals/day, snacks and refreshments, a library, and other activities in order to maintain a healthy environment for workers, keeping them at the factory and keeping production uninterrupted. AA Corporation has also prepared 10 quarantine rooms that meet Health Ministry’s standards.

Over the lockdown period, AA Corporation had zero covid cases, all thank to the strict prevention and control program and internal communication projects. After the lockdown, over 1500 workers have fully returned to work, production maximized in order to deliver products on time, AA Corporation was able to sign large contracts that guaranteed productions until the end of 2022. This is a great new beginning in new normalcy for AA Corporation.

How did we successfully overcome the pandemic? AA Corporation has prepared many scripts for different scenarios, therefore we were able to tackle any new challenges as the pandemic was getting worse, quickly adapt to new changes. Nowadays, economic recovering is one of the most important focuses of Ho Chi Minh city, it is not only the city’s responsibility toward the area, the country but also the responsibility toward the global chain supply. Thank to the joining hands, Ho Chi Minh city was able to overcome the pandemic and bounces back stronger, ready to face any new challenges in the future. 

AA Corporation would like to send our appreciation to VTV1 for including us in this documentary so that we could share our story, our experience, our success. With a strong ambition of a warrior, with great determination of all AA members, we will come back stronger and more successful.

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