24,June 2021


Versatile and high-tech conference room is a huge factor for holding better meetings globally. Not only the right technology that can collaborate with many users platforms, but they also need to be able to streamline communication and operations, easy to use, storage accessible and boost efficiency. Mitbox was created with all of those factors in mind, and Adamos successfully installed two Mitboxes at VNG office district 7.

In 5/2021, Adamos – Office total solution, a member of AA Corporation, has installed 2 all-in-one Mitbox meeting rooms for VNG campus for smart technology  in District 7. Taken into account VNG’s requirements, Adamos has selected materials that best represent the client. The outside was finished with matt black laminate, the interior was also following a darker theme.

One of the most interesting feature of Mitbox is that it can be easily disassembled and moved to a new location, reassemble as new, without having to tear down the entire box. When not in used for virtual meeting, Mitbox can be converted to an executive office, a small event space, gathering or inspiration room with all the best technology.