14,December 2020


On December 9, 2020, AA Corporation celebrates the opening of George Bensley – Great British Furniture showroom and the launching of George Bensley furniture brand at 135 Hai Ba Trung street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Lead by David Salmon and his team of British Designers and makers, George Bensley is now available to a much wider market.

After 20 years of nurturing ideas and developing long term partnerships, AA Corporation finally be able to bring concepts to reality by launching the most luxury furniture brand – George Bensley.

George Bensley work only with the finest veneers and materials, hand made to the finest traditions of English Cabinet Making by highly trained craftsmen at AA Corporation’s factory. George Bensley is in the unique situation today to be able to draw on over 150 years of inherited expertise and traditions that have been held together by families and tradesmen, passing on their unique knowledge and skill. Still today, each item is drawn by our designers in English, the traditional cabinet making disciplines are specified along with the finest materials and polished in the traditional French Polish way.

When purchasing a piece of furniture from George Bensley, customers do not simply pay for a piece of furniture, but also a work of art, a historic item with a great story behind it. According to Mr Nguyen Quoc Khanh, Chairman of AA Corporation, George Bensley holds a big dream as well as strategy to grow stronger as a private labeling manufacturer (or ODM) instead of being a Contract manufacturer that many furniture factories in Vietnam are capable of.

In order to become a private labeling manufacturer, the key is having a long-term friendship and partnership with furniture experts from all over the world, those who have successfully brought their names to the top of the list. According to Mr David Salmon, President of George Bensley Collections, the highly skilled Vietnamese craftsmen are the reasons he came to Vietnam and cooperate with AA Corporation.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh (left) and Mr.David Salmon (right)

With over 30 years of experience designing high-end furniture, Mr David Salmon is legendary when it comes to traditional furniture making, especially Royal style furniture inspired by the Golden age. In contrast to the world of mass-production, David Salmon considers craftsmanship to be central to furniture making, using techniques and materials typical of the 18th and 19th centuries, working by hand, using antique materials and tolls passed down through generations of carpenters. If the furniture was made in Europe, the cost would be extremely expensive. However, with nearly 20 years of cooperating with AA Corporation, David Salmon realized that with the hardworking and skills of Vietnamese workers, these fine furniture can be made in Vietnam at a much lower cost, making it affordable to a wider market. Therefore, George Bensley has many advantages competing with other ultra-luxury furniture brands worldwide.

“George Bensley has great potential. First of all, we are launching these products for the US, England and Vietnam market. We believe that in a very short time, George Bensley will be able to expand to more countries.” Mr.Davis Salmon stated.

Please visit George Bensley website at https://georgebensley.com for updates about our latest furniture collections, stop by our showroom at 135 Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, or contact us via phone number (+84)792384186 (Ms Jade) for more info.

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