14,September 2020


Saigon Summer Ball is an annual charity event to raise funding for Saigon children organization, which gives underprivileged children the opportunity to continue their education. First held in 2009 in Ho Chi Minh City, the event has long been one of the premier charity events in the Ho Chi Minh City social calendar. Throughout 11 years, the event has raised around USD 1,3 million for Saigon Children’s Charity CIO – an organization to help disadvantaged children to get an education and a better start in life.

Đặt chỗ ngay cho đêm gala Saigon Summer Ball 2020 - Saigon Children's  Charity CIO

In this year’s event, AA Corporation participated with a beautiful table from a new brand George Bensley Collection which called the name “English Regency Pen Work Games Table Hand Painted.” The square top centered by a beautifully hand-painted chess board with floral and gold pattern. The design is from the original that formed part of the collection owned by the infamous Drue Heinz from her London townhouse, decorated, and supplied by legendary decorator Jon Fowler himself.

AA Corporation’s craftsmen took 15 executive days to complete the paint job for this masterpiece which includes intricate gold leaf inlay and marquetry. The table is designed by Mr David John Salmon and was successfully sold for USD 9,500.

This is a respectable value for sponsors who have contributed and shared with Saigon Summer Ball 2020, as well as a special interesting in the classy furniture from George Bensley – a new brand of AA Corporation.

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