18,June 2012


AA Corporation has recently completed our factory expansion project by adding an additional 5000 m2 of indoor warehousing space to the existing manufacturing facility. The new warehouse will be used to stage product quality control inspections, store finished products and prepare items for custom container loading requirements. The AA factory has increased production output by nearly 30% annually over the last three years and as our customers’ orders grow, so does our need for additional production and warehousing space. This additional production area will help to increase the productivity within the factory as well as enabling AA Corporation to provide our customers with additional logistics services.

AA Corporation has recently invested in a new panel finishing line that has been installed in our main furniture factory in Long An Province, Vietnam. Our new finishing line will be used to execute the finishing for veneered panels, doors, wardrobes and other panel products being manufactured by AA Corporation. This new finishing machinery includes dual robotic finishing arms which are used to achieve a high-quality precise finish application on large panels. After passing through the robotic finishing process, the panels will then progress through an automatic conveyor system where the products are cured under Infra-Red lamps before returning to the beginning of the line to receive additional finishing. The investment in this new machinery will help AA to both increases our overall capacity for finishing panel products while simultaneously providing consistent quality of our finish capabilities.

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