14,March 2012


The Vietnam International Furniture and Accessories Fair (VIFA) took place from March 11 to 14 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and proved to be yet another successful trade fair for AA Corporation. At this year’s fair, AA Corporation showcased our new interior brand AA Deluxe as well as its very first furniture collection, the Luxury Bureau Collection. Feedback from customer’s concerning the Luxury Bureaux Collection was well received and AA Corporation managed to sell numerous pieces from our new collection.

On behalf of AA Corporation we would like to thank the HAWA, all event organizers, and visitors to VIFA 2012, for making this year’s fair a huge success. The VIFA trade fair continues to develop each year and has now established its place as one of the best fairs in all of Asia. AA Corporation plans to take part in the VIFA trade fair for years to come.

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