8,December 2011


With an aim to promote the interior design and furniture industry, AA Corporation decided to organize series of Designer’s trend talks with various aspects in design with the participation of well-known leading experts and trendsetters in Vietnam as well as overseas. Our talk shows will be carefully prepared to bring Vietnamese designers together and provide the essential information in the design world.

For the first Designer’s Trend Talk named “Designing Innovation”, which will be hosted on Saturday 10th December in Ho Chi Minh City, AA has invited Mr. Markus Benz, CEO of the leading international furniture brand Walter Knoll to come and share his very inspiring stories about how to keep the true values of interior industry, how to co-operate with architects and designers, how to create innovative design and so on. Walter Knoll is known as the oldest upholstery brand in Germany. Founded in 1865, the company continues to make its mark in the history of furniture; it has created classic pieces and icons of the avant-garde and is a byword throughout the world for modern design. Since the end of the last century, the company has grown considerably, has increased its output seven-fold and today is one of the trendsetters at the premium end of the market. AA Corporation, in conjunction with Mr. Markus Benz, organized this trend talk to offer our invited designers and architects a deep passion for design and new ideas for the upcoming trends in the new year 2012.

Find more information about Markus Benz and Walter Knoll at www.walterknoll.de

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