3,July 2009


The biggest challenge on this project was to finish the CENDELUXE Hotel in only five months, especially considering that this is the first 5-Star Hotel in Tuy Hoa. This was quite difficult to complete on time to the high quality expected by our customer.

To learn more about AA’s staff efforts we interviewed Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son, Project Director for this project.

Reporter: Could you give us some information about CENDELUXE Hotel Project and the scope of work that AA was responsible for completing?

Architect Nguyen Thanh Son: Cendeluxe is the first and the only 5-star-Hotel in Phu Yen at this moment with a total area of more than 20,000 sqm. This is 17-storey-hotel with a basement, a mezzanine, 13 floors, and one restaurant on the terrace. There are 4 types of guestrooms: Standard, Deluxe, Suite, Presidential Suite making up a total of 218 rooms.
AA did the fit-out work for 3 mock-up rooms (Standards, Deluxe, and Suite); AA supplied and installed built-in and loose furniture for the Lobby, 182 standard guestrooms, 32 Deluxe & Suite guestrooms, 1 Presidential Suite guestroom.

Reporter: Did you meet with any difficulties while you managed that project? How did you overcome these?

Architect Nguyen Thanh Son: We had only 5 months to manufacture and install all the furniture for the aforementioned areas and we had to produce all technical drawings for these items. In addition, we faced challenges with an unstable construction site and we had to co-ordinate with other finishing contractors that were also working in the hotel. In order to overcome these difficulties, we created detailed plans for all aspects of the project, coordinated closely with the designer and client, and focused on the logistics for all items and materials. Lastly, we set up a temporary mock-up room for the workers to practice producing in order to ensure the highest quality possible.

Reporter: What was your determination after undertaking this assignment?

Architect Nguyen Thanh Son: To complete this assignment properly we needed to get all the related information concerning schedules, labor, materials, drawings, client instructions, etc. Together we coordinated as a team to make detailed plans for the following:

  • Schedule for installing furniture for mock-up rooms in a short time with minimum error.
  • Manufacture and transport furniture to the site to install in a short period of time.
  • Established the identification code for each item of each room or floor.
  • Arranged all the items to follow the sequence in order to easily recognize, transport, and install.
  • Set up the temporary mock-up room for workers to practice their installation and improve their workmanship skills.